About the Black Widows

"Black Widows" Sponsor Letter , 2023 "Tearing Up The Delta"
Thunder Press, 2004
"Come Into Our Parlor"
Thunder Press, 2001

“One day in 1996, twelve people rode to Laughlin.  At a rest area, a young-old woman admired the motorcycles and asked, ‘Are you the Black Widows?’  One biker answered, ‘Yes, we are, and we are feared at gas stations and rest areas throughout the land!’  And, thus the ‘Black Widows’ were born.  Thank you, Clint Eastwood, for that movie and thank you for ten years of direction to give the Shriners children hope and healing.”

--Steven Rodriguez, Founder 
Black Widows, Inc.

For the remainder of their Laughlin ride, the wheels of imagination were in motion.  Working out of their “club house” the fellows organized and held the first annual Black Widows Poker Run benefiting the Shriners children in the fall of 1996. 

Over the years, the ride has gained notoriety and sponsorship from, well established, well respected business people in the Sacramento area.  The Black Widows, Inc., has donated over $10k annually for its cause.  In addition, The Shriners Hospital recognizes the Black Widows Poker Run as a member of its “Million-Dollar Club, as we were also permanently inscribed in the Shriners Gold Book in the lobby of the Sacramento Hospital.” This year marks the 27th Annual Poker Run which is quite a milestone for a modest group of riders with a good sense of humor and a desire to help.

The beneficiary of this ride, The Shriners Children’s Hospital in Sacramento, is one of 22 hospitals throughout North America. It is, however, the only Shriners Hospital that provides pediatric care in three specialty programs – orthopedics, spinal cord injury and acute burn treatment as well as rehabilitation.  Children are treated without regard to race, religion or relationship to a Shriner and there is never a charge to the patient, parent or any third party for any service or medical treatment. 

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